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We Are Positive Pop Rockers!

a news and information journal about Dear Loving

This is a journal dedicated to providing interesting information about Dear Loving. It includes live reports, random facts, a few attempts at translation work, and anything else that I feel might help other fans feel closer to Dear Loving.

I love all the members of Dear Loving but my favorite is Masa. This means that random facts and translations tend to be about Masa. If one of you readers is a Yuki, Kuro-chan, or Takuya fan and wishes to contribute some random facts or translations about your favorite member, please leave me a comment and tell me so. I'd like to focus equally on all the members because they are all terrific people as well as talented musicians but I can't dedicate my entire life to Dear Loving PR. ^_^

A quirk in the design is that live reports are posted under the date of the live and I have some dating back a year or more. Therefore if you want to read them all, I suggest you use the calendar page.