posipocker (posipocker) wrote,

a new icon

How exciting, I made a new icon for this journal! This is using a picture that was once used for Dear Loving's 携帯 (cell/mobile phone) site. I love it at the end of concerts when everyone does the Posipocker stance, making hearts over our chests. It seemed a much more fitting icon than the cover of Hello.

I wish I had some exciting new information for you, but as I am now back in the USA again, I do not. I am rather at a loss as to what to do with this journal now. Does anyone want translations of things on the Dear Loving homepage? I assumed that all of you have a better level of Japanese than I do (or know someone who does), so I quit posting about updates and such. Am I right to assume that?

I could finish up some more live reports from several years ago. I also went on the 2004 fan club field trip and I could write up that as well. Is anyone interested in such things? I don't know if anyone reads all the old reports on here...

If anyone has any ideas or requests, please let me know. I know this journal is rarely updated, but I don't want to declare it finished whilst anyone cares to know anything more that I can share. ^_^
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