posipocker (posipocker) wrote,

Um... guess what? I'm not dead.

It's been quite a long while since I updated this and I thank all of you for not unceremoniously dumping me. I've been back in Japan since January but... well... I only saw Dear Loving once in early February and things were so chaotic then that I didn't write down anything about it. It was good though -- fun, that's a given. The thing is I can't go to a lot of lives now. My new job is at an English conversation school and let me say if any of you fair readers hope to come to Japan and watch tons of lives and teach English conversation... rethink your dreams. English conversation schools are open when people are free to come to them, ie: nights, ie: the same exact time that your very favorite band is playing down the street, you will be chatting with a student about her weekend plans.

I also feel I ought to come clean with you... I hate to admit this but my fervor for my indies band loves has sorta, settled down. I still love Dear Loving and I love the members too but it's more of the affection I have for friends than the passionate adoration that prompted the creation of this journal. That said, I doubt you'll notice any difference. I was completely remiss in updating before and I still will be, but if you stick around, I will try to give you something to stick around for from time to time.

Things like this for instance. ^_^
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