posipocker (posipocker) wrote,

A cute Masa tale

When Masa was in middle school he really wanted a key. It seemed that all his friends wore a house key around their neck and that just was so cool looking! Now, since Masa's family lives above Komasa Sushi shop, Masa didn't need a key. Whenever he came home, there was dad (and mom too unless she was running a delivery) working in the shop, ready to greet him. Having your father around when you come home is a pretty rare thing in Japan but Masa didn't want to have his dad there to greet him, he wanted to unlock a door with a key from around his neck. So, Masa's dad gave him a key and every day when he got home from school he would unlock the back door, go up the stairs to his room and never be seen by his parents at all. But wasn't he so cool? ^_^
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