posipocker (posipocker) wrote,

Just in case you never noticed too

I had listened to "Go ahead~光射す場所 ~" off the 「元気出ました。」 single for almost two years before I noticed something. I was sitting on a train, listening to it on headphones and doing nothing else distracting at the time and so I heard Masa whispering in it. You may all have realized this but just in case you haven't heard it:

1) put your copy of "Go ahead~光射す場所 ~" on
2) plug in a good pair of headphones and pop those over your ears
3) enjoy how unbelievably sexy Masa's voice sounds whispering directly into your ear

I almost walked into the path of an oncoming car while listening to it while out walking, so listen with caution.

Plus, for all of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing Dear Loving live, you can bask in the feeling that with this song it's better recorded than live because the whisper trick is not possible live.

P.S. Last time I saw Masa his hair was still blond but that was on August 16th. It looks like it's back to brown in the photo on the homepage so let the world rejoice!
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