posipocker (posipocker) wrote,

Notes from your truant roving reporter

akisis, in answer to your question, picture a Valentine's card cupid - golden blond hair in fluffy waves about his face. That's about what Masa looks like now, except his hair has that damaged look hair tends to get when you bleach it and throw a body wave of some sort on top. (;_;)

Everyone, I am truly sorry, I am in the middle of moving and as much as I want to tell you about the recent concerts and the homepage renewal, I just can't do it right now. It's horrible timing and I deeply regret promising you so much would be "coming soon" and now being unable to deliver anything at all. Think of those promises as what I wanted to give you and know that I am saddened by my inability to do so presently.

As I am moving, I have a few things which I can't take with me that I would like to offer to all of you. I have a great many Dear Loving チラシ (flyers) dating back to December 2002. I would like to give the extra copies to anyone who is interested. I also have about five or so doubles of photos of Dear Loving. If any of you want them, let me know.

I hope to be back on-line in August but I will be staying with someone then so it will be at their discretion. Please bear with me until things settle down a bit. Thank you.
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